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We design curtains to fit every project. It is an expertise of ours through many years
The collections for the home are nourished by the soul and skill of the artisan, who exalts materials through know-how that combines tradition with innovation. Tables, chairs and armchairs with simple shapes offer an abundance of finishing details and structure the space. These objects embody a harmonious relationship between form, material and function.

Designed with its use in mind, each object becomes part of everyday life. It takes its place within the space and demarcates volumes. Porcelain know-how adds colour to portable tables. Delicately embroidered rugs present minutely detailed compositions in a very couture spirit. Plaids in airy fabrics with contemporary patterns are hand-woven according to traditional techniques.

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To create a home where time slows to its most leisurely pace, and a warm sense of well-being permeates. Where the light ambles in from every door and window, inviting a sense of endless summer, and golden hours that last forever. Welcome to a house of bespoke design and interiors.