The Como, Stitch Collection x MKDT Collabs

11 May 2017


This season creative director and textile designer Helene Blanche launched a new exciting partnership with Danish fashion designer, Mark Kenly Domino Tan, with whom she shares a fascination for the merging of fashion, interior, architecture, and art. This attraction led the two to spend endless hours in the archive of the Danish Design Museum looking at the bold colour stories in wallpapers from 1890-1930. In a collaboration for his Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, elements from the Como Collection and the Stitch Collection were combined with purpose-made fabrics to create a compelling universe inspired by the piercing photos by Lewis Hine of immigrant working class men, women and children in the 1900s.
Helene Blanche says: “The working process with MKDT has been all about allowing the prints and patterns to unfold in a vibrant and artistic process


The Como Collection has its origins in the Lake Como textile district in Italy, with its centuries-old weaving tradition. The collection, designed by Helene Blanche, features two new fabrics woven by the skilled artisans of the district: a beautiful silk moiré, and a thick blend of silk and linen. The patterns reference those found in the elegant and ornate Italian palazzos from the era of aristocratic grandeur. Narrow aubergine and creme stripes, charcoal solids, and playful moirés give the textile collection its decadence. Other colours to be found are an ebony stripe, a stunning gold, as well as a light grey and a pure white.“My main colour inspiration comes from the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen, who himself was inspired by the neo-classical frescoes of the Italian renaissance era. I included a splash of contemporary Danish minimalism by incorporating the light and the simple shades”, explains Helene Blanche. The Como Collection has a classic elegance, yet a modern feel – and is well suited for versatile drapery, pillows and upholstery.


The Stitch Collection consists of a print pattern with countless hand drawn dots on linen and raw silk. Similar to a piece of hand-executed stitched fabric, an abstract composition of geometrical shapes forms the pattern. The deliberate simplicity and the way the print unfolds in a playful expression pays an homage to Danish weavers Vibeke Klint and Lis Ahlman, who both contributed to the golden era of Danish Design in the 20th century. The collection is designed by Helene Blanche, who was inspired by an archived sketch she had made for an earlier weave project. Her life-long fascination of the dot’s vibrant characteristics beckoned her to pursue this direction.
I wanted to investigate the way a thread moved, by ordering tiny dots in a repetitive system imitating the work of a weave. A beautiful print emerged. It resembled an old-school stitch and I saw clear references to the great Danish female weavers”, says Helene Blanche about the work in progress.
With the timeless and elegant qualities, The Stitch Collection has a worldwide appeal.