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Richard Ginori Collections for Tapet-Cafe



The Oriente Italiano Collection embraces the Richard Ginori history, with a unique blend of meaningful form and concept. Consisting of several refined elements, the Oriente Italiano Collection is a marriage of the 1745’s creation of the Antica Doccia shape and the inventiveness of colour converge to create a magnificent pattern. The pattern of the Oriente Italiano has its origin in Gio Ponti’s reinterpretation of the stylized carnation flower “garofano” found in the tradition of Florentine ceramics.


Delicate dusk blue colour on a background of green, yellow, light blue or pink with stunning gold details give the collection its playful decadence. Other colours to be found are a black against pure white or light green as well as a rose on light pink and a burgundy on pink. The Oriente Italiano Collection has an classic elegance, yet an exuberant and exotic feel – and comes in a complete array of tableware as well as tea and coffee sets.


Discover the full range of the Oriente Italiano Collection here


The Richard Ginori collections are sold exclusively at Tapet-Cafe in Denmark.
For orders and inquiries please contact or visit Tapet-Cafe boutique showroom.