Painted Papers Collection

15 August 2017


We are delighted to introduce a new wallpaper collection, Painted Papers, designed by textile designer and creative director at Tapet-Cafe, Helene Blanche. Consisting of three patterns, the collection is a marriage of the geometric shapes and bold colours of the early 20th-century art movement, Cubism and a stylistic interpretation of the ornate and romantic curlicues of French textile from the 1830s.


Trained as a textile designer, Helene Blanche is intrigued with woven fabric and the way a single thread moves to create a structural repeat. It is this textural rhythm and vibrant dynamic she wanted to imitate by creating three simple, stylistically complementary patterns: Drop, Painted Stripe and Cubism. These patterns reflect her fascination with the way a single drop of ink behaves when it meets a silk surface, and how coal on heavy paper can make a cube seem soft and a stripe non-linear.


The colour scheme of Painted Papers, ranging from soft sorbets such as rose, lavender and honey to assertive hues like emerald, ink and charcoal, emanates a freshness yet establishes an emotional depth. The wallpaper collection has a modern look with an artisanal finish, the substance of which becomes especially clear when the three patterns are viewed and used together as a collection.