Mirari Lamp Series

29 June 2017


The new Mirari lamp series, consisting of three organic shapes, is designed by glass artist Nina Nørgaard and textile designer Helene Blanche, who have named the lamp after the optical illusion ‘Mirage’, that causes one to believe that the glass base is made of two pieces. Mirari features a free-blown glass lamp base crafted by Nina Nørgaard beautifully put together with a silky lampshade, pleated and hand painted with ink by Helene Blanche. “We wished to design a series of glass table lamps with organic form, transparent colour flow and a playful and artistic appearance”, explains Nina and Helene.


The lampshades are carefully designed to complement each lamp base and to provide ‘edge’ and contrast by adding patterns and texture to Mirari. All lampshades are made by hand and consists of two types of pattern designs; Painted Stripe and Drop. “My wish was to create a series of bespoke lampshades which was unique, so I decided to paint each shade by hand”, says Helene Blanche. Helene’s life-long fascination of the dot’s vibrant characteristics beckoned her to pursue this direction: “I am fascinated by the way a drop of ink is lively and vibrant”, says Helene Blanche about the work in progress. “The silky base, pleated by hand, dominates with its light and exclusive material, almost like a piece of pleated garment”, she explains.


Each mouth-blown lamp base is unique and hand-made by the glass artist Nina Nørgaard, who carefully blows the right amount of air through the narrow tube. “Glass has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. My fascination with glass has to do with the absolute purity of glass as a vessel, unmatched as it is by any other material”, says Nina Nørgaard. The Mirari series, including three different shapes in the colours; ‘Copper ruby & tea’, ‘Aquamarine & amethyst’, ‘Pine green & smoked grey’, has a classic yet artistic appeal.


The Mirari lamp series is sold exclusively at Tapet-Cafe as one of a kind artworks.